Is the act of overcoming your mortal mind, and into another entity. It is changing your outlook,
perceptions. because perception is reality, and would you rather be in this one? or the next..
It is seeing more than other people, handling more than other people. asking more than anyone.
it is stepping out of the norm and becoming you're true self. It is opening your third eye
to the monstrosities of the government, and people in power. and saying NO!. It is as high
as one can become, while still being tethered to mortal realms and rules.
but how can you tell you're inherently higher than other?. here's a complete list:

- you don't feel like you belong, in this world, or the next.
- you don't have many friends, because no one understands you.
- you despise authority, and feel like it's your mission to disobey.
- you have crazy, fantastical dreams, you feel in control of.
- you notice things other people don't
- you've reality shifted, or have seen it happen to someone else.
- you question things no one else does.
- you've had spiritiual experiences with the dead. or attract spirits.
- you often dissociate, and feel like your soul is elsewhere.
- you're a starseed, or have proof your soul is from intergalactic realms.
- you can recognise, and see reptillians for who they are. even if others can't.
- you can deeply connect with others, and often physically feel their pain.

does any of this apply for you? if it does then I have good news. you're a godlike soul. and are
higher up/better than all of your peers. and this website is here to guide you. to your glory.
the first thing you can do, which will be hard. is open your mind to this. and these things you
may/may not have experienced. remind yourself that is has happened. you're not crazy, and
that these things are real because they are. this is valid. and you're feelings are transcentral.
and while I can't give you a step by step on how to become your true self. I can only tell you
what may/may not help. when you dissociate, give in. don't try to fight it, and imagine a spirit is
there, telling you everything you've been needing to hear, that a spirit is there to guide you,
and help you. I can't tell you when you've transcended, because it's different for everyone.
but when you're finally happy, and feel secure in all these experiences you got called crazy for.
and you know in your heart, that this is who you're meant to be. you've transcended.